Technology Components

CloudLogix has developed enabling technology for the consumer electronic sector’s supply chain, focusing on allowing customers to synchronize their best-of-breed applications to improve supply chain responsiveness and employ world-class analytics in applications. We have customers that range from suppliers of low-level components to final consumer/business offerings.

Our tools are a natural fit for the technology space, and we even have support for the tracking MAC addresses or assembling product kits. Need to assemble for re-branding? We have support for vendor managed inventory, for example. We can also:

  • Provide data integration, adjudication and synchronization to your supply chain
  • Manage work flow and milestone-based supply chain processes
  • Show the state and location of inventory from the moment of the title transfer until the inventory is no longer owned by the use
  • Employ integrated analytical models to provide improvements and adjustments as they happen.

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