Government Contracting

Government contracting and services sector have unique, constant evolving and demanding supply chains. Our tools are a natural fit for the government space, and we have support for managing your PBL or cost-plus contracts to provide the best support for your customers while managing your bottom line.
CloudLogix can bring to the contractor:
  • Applications and services that a customer can add to their quiver to rapidly fulfill business requirements and build effective solutions.
  • Products that are scalable to accommodate business growth, and the different roles and levels of the organization.
  • Analytics that can provide better contract/metrics-based demand analysis.
  • Management and visibility of milestone-based supply chain processes
  • Order, vendor, customer, shipper, supplier and shipment management.
We bring the decision makers the most up-to-date information available, ensuring the best business decisions possible.

How do our tools apply the the government ecosphere? Contact us today and we will show you how!