CloudLogix understands the complexity of the manufacturing sector. CloudLogix will help position your company to grow and succeed in today’s fast-moving and competitive global marketplace by employing new technology where needed, while keeping the investments that you have in best-of-breed application. Our tools are a natural fit for the manufacturing space, and we have support for tracking material and assembling product kits.

At CloudLogix we truly believe in — Keeping what you have locally… Delivering what you need globally. And to get you to market faster and smarter, CloudLogix doesn’t believe in the monolithic supply chain but instead will introduce you to enabling technology for the new world of distributed supply chains. Proactive instead of reactive.

Our tools will help you…

  • Show the state and location of inventory from the moment of title transfer to the customer until the inventory is no longer owned by the customer.
  • Easy identification of tasks that need to be achieved today, tomorrow or the current moment.
  • Orders and shipments are consolidated and optimized based on the business rules and the most cost effective shipment method or carrier based on the current price or on a per-negotiated pricing.
  • Enforce the shipping and visibility rules of each customer for pick and pack, cross-dock, kitting, vendor managed inventory and much more without requiring complex customization.

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