Solutions by Industry

CloudLogix offers supply chain solutions that apply to a broad set of industries.Here are a few industries where CloudLogix has solved supply chain problems and made a difference:

  • Retail Stores, Suppliers and Chains – solutions for suppliers and operators of retail chains
  • Technology Components – solutions for technology suppliers, manufacturers and services
  • Manufacturing – solutions for suppliers and manufacturers
  • Government Contractors and Suppliers – solutions for government employees, contractors and suppliers
  • Airlines, MROs and Aircraft Manufacturers – solutions for the aerospace industry
  • 3PLs and Freight Forwarders – solutions for logistics providers

Don’t see your industry? We have a number of other industry customers and solutions that are not in the list. If it is a supply chain problem, we have a solution.

We offer Five Fundamental enabling components that allow you to differentiate your offerings from the rest of the industry.

  • data integration, adjudication and synchronization.
  • work-flow management component
  • demand analysis
  • inventory management
  • routing management

1. The first fundamental function, and perhaps the most important, is data integration, adjudication and synchronization.

To operate at the right “speed of business”, a good supply chain organization needs to integrate seamlessly with customer and supplier systems, internal business systems and with other partner systems to provide the near-real time response time that this model would need.

Data must be correct (adjudicated) according to business rules in order to ensure that no bad data is injected into the system. Your customers already have tools. Use synchronization to give them real-time feedback. Make them more effective.

The second fundamental operational function required is a work-flow management component for order and supplier management.

Give you and your customers complete visibility to the process of shipping. CloudLogix offers a a work flow engine that enables management and visibility of milestone-based supply chain processes, such as order management and management of customers, vendors, shippers and suppliers.

A good work flow management tool should enforce business rules of any client organization, provide mechanisms for communication and approval processes of the orders and shipments, and integrate with routing management to enforce shipping rules of the business and to find the most cost effective shipping solution.

This tool should use social networking to allow users and customers to create, manage and coordinate milestones, orders, shipments and operations.

The third function, and extremely important to making the supply chain proactive (increasing your profitability while decreasing your cost), is demand analysis. The exact demand forecasting model is determined by the nature of the organization and the end goal for the products/materials being moved. Demand data is then used to generate orders or dictate changes to orders or shipments.

The fourth fundamental function is inventory management. You need to ensure that your customers’ business rules are enforced. Your customers need to know the state and location of inventory from the moment of the title transfer until the inventory is no longer owned by the user.

The fifth fundamental function is routing management. Routing Management is enabled by a single platform to manage all carriers, all shipments and all freight bills.

Independent Routing Management allows a customer to consolidate and ship material with approved carriers and to tender, track and audit shipping invoices. When used in conjunction with use the work-flow management software, the user can gain better visibility and control of the supply chain.

We also believe that routing management should be proactive. The routing management software should integrate with lane optimization analysis to give a solid, statistically accurate prediction of options of routes and timing to ship this material, with optimization expressed in probability that this shipment will arrive at the destination in the required time.

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