Shipping and Routing Management – LOADSTAR


In today’s volatile market, managing transportation is a key factor for a more efficient and cohesive supply chain. And every organization with transportation planning and management responsibilities must be prepared to effectively manage transportation networks with high order volumes across the dynamic transportation lifecycle.

Transportation Management also includes routing and shipping management and ensuring that everyone knows what the costs of shipping are for a given shipment. What many people need is the ability to enforce the routing and shipping rules of the company and ensure that product or components are in the right place at the right time at the right price.

Why would you need LOADSTAR? If you have…

  • Difficulties enforcing the business rules around shipping – when should I expedite, what is the cheapest carrier, etc.
  • Visibility challenges of routing and invoicing of shipments.
  • The need to reduce the freight spend in your supply chain.

What benefits do you get with LOADSTAR?

  • ONE click to quote ALL freight carriers currently under contract.
  • ONE click to track a shipment. Automated alerts to anyone via email.
  • ONE click to compare all shipment quotes vs. actuals.
  • Invoices arrive pre-approved and coded with necessary General Ledger.
  • Easier to transfer costs to invoices for billing.
  • Allows for carrier feedback, contributing to best value negotiations.

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