Order and Vendor Management – CONTROL TOWER

Order management is more than tracking and tracing. What many people need is the ability to enforce the business rules of the company and ensure that product or components are in the right place at the right time at the right price. Introducing Control Tower!


Why would you need CONTROL TOWER? If you had…

  • Difficulties enforcing the business rules defined in the purchase order – Quantity, Schedule, etc.
  • Visibility challenges identifying the relationship of purchase orders to work orders, to production work breakdown to the end customer order…and the relation of all these to the material flow.
  • The work to manage a tiered supply structure with vendors being responsible for components and sub-assemblies.
  • The need to reduce the Order-to-Cash cycle in your supply chain.

What tools do you get with CONTROL TOWER?

  • Real Time Dashboard to alert each person to what actions are needed.
  • Allows suppliers/vendors/agents/customers to access Purchase Orders.
  • Embedded business rules to drive supplier/vendor/agent behavior and alert the responsible parties to exceptions.
  • Relate line deliverables and documents to your reference number structure and the shipping transactions.
  • Visibility to what is… In / Out of tolerance, In Motion, Needs attention, etc..

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