Inventory Management – DOWNSTREAM


DOWNSTREAM is an inventory management system perfectly positioned for the company that needs high-end features, but does not want to spend the time and money to deploy an expensive, complex Warehouse Management System (WMS).


  • A robust, yet economical Inventory and Warehouse Management SaaS solution designed for the Logistics Service Provider.
  • All the key features of a major WMS without the price tag.
  • Easily and rapidly deployed in any warehouse environment.
  • Analytical Engine adds features that even the top end products are lacking.
  • Integration adapters available to rapidly integrate with most major systems.

At the top end, WMS applications are full featured, expensive and take time to deploy.
At the bottom end Inventory applications lack features and cannot meet many customers needs.

DOWNSTREAM provides the perfect balance. When coupled with Analytics or with the synchronization engine DOWNSTREAM can outperform the top end WMS applications for a fraction of the price.

Some WMS solutions are too much; some are too little. DOWNSTREAM provides the largest set of features at the best price and extremely rapid deployment.

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