Demand Analysis – PERIMETER


PERIMETER actually refers to a family of supply chain analytical products that

  • Perform Marginal Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Lane Probability Analysis and More

PERIMETER models bring into play a variety of innovative techniques, notably adaptive interval definition and bootstrapped pipeline statistics. Whether the scenario involves a collection of parts, a retail set of products, a single sub-system at a single location or a vast sweep of disparate systems deployed worldwide, PERIMETER identifies the minimal cost (or most profitable) sequence of stocking solutions across variable length time intervals to satisfy performance requirements expressed in any terms likely to be encountered.

A true game changer, PERIMETER abandons the long-term, steady state assumptions of earlier generation tools to maximize real world relevance. The model understands that:

  • Operational and buying patterns respond to external factors,
  • Maintenance commitments increase when systems are exposed to hostile environments or just get old,
  • Requirements evolve to accommodate technological advances or component obsolescence,
  • Performance targets can change at the stroke of a pen or at the whim of the world economy

PERIMETER is composed of the following analytical models:

  • POSSESS – a model for determining long term demand analysis,
  • PRESTO – a model for determining the best action in the supply chain today,
  • PROCONSUL – a model for performing route optimization and analysis,
  • CHARLOTTE – a model for determining the impact of external events on the supply chain.

PERIMETER has been shown to save up to 50% in stocking purchases in head-to-head competition with other models, while providing up to 20% better performance in having the right product in the right place at the right time.

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