Active Supply Chain

A better way to manage your Supply Chain

Is your organization tied up with outdated and slow supply chain technology? Making supply chain decisions is much more difficult than even 5 years ago. Today’s businesses need the ability to act quickly to an unpredictable marketplace. All business functions need to see problems on a collective view and not in fractures or parts. When a problem arises your team needs to be made aware of the damage and potential cost. Waiting to make a single decision can cost your business big.

What is an Active Supply Chain

An Active Supply Chain operates in real-time with full visibility. It incorporates two analytical models: Low probability modeling and demand forecasting. Most supply chain vendors view the manufacturing facility or the distribution center as the central element in the supply chain. We believe that those are a stopping point for inventory and should be minimized to improve the cash-to-cash cycle.

Barriers to the Active Supply Chain

  • Outdated analytical and operational tools that do not share sufficient information within teams.
  • Supply chain lane data held by third-party logistics services (3PL’s).
  • Inadequate management of entire supply chain process.

How CloudLogix removes barriers to the Active Supply Chain

CloudLogix is a cloud based synchronization service that provides a control tower over all local operations. This approach is bottom up and will have tremendous improvement with little disruption on your business’ day to day operations. At CloudLogix we call this the Synchronized Resource Planner (SRP). We believe that your company should be able to pick the best-of-breed applications, the best technology and synchronize rather than moving to the outmoded monolithic application. This approach allows for richer functionally and powerful real-time views of the complete Active Supply Chain process.

CloudLogix is a proactive tool allowing for all business functions to see and anticipate change. Current supply chain software is cumbersome and costly. CloudLogix products and solutions will synchronize with existing systems, keeping communication open, clear and in real-time. We believe your business should keep what you have locally and deliver what you need globally.

For more information on Active Supply Chains please see our white paper on “Making the Supply Chain Active”.

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