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Supply Chain Functionality

We can easily integrate the applications you currently have to make them:
  • More Effective
  • Less Costly
  • More Productive and Provide Better Data for Better Results

Our synchronization engine, our analytical engine and supporting execution tools can make your supply chain a key differentiator to your business. We do this by making your Supply Chain Active.

The Active Supply Chain

There are five functions that make up an active supply chain.

1. Data integration, adjudication and synchronization.
A supply chain organization needs to integrate seamlessly with customer systems, internal business systems and with other partner systems to provide the near-real time response time that this model would need. Data must be correct according to business rules in order to ensure that no bad data is injected into the system. A good integration model will reduce the training time required for employees handling inventory while providing the basis for immediate visibility and analysis for the customer.
2. Work-flow management component.
To manage Work Flow Management, we employ a work flow engine that enables management and visibility of milestone-based supply chain processes, such as order management and management of customers, vendors, shippers and suppliers.
3. Demand Analysis
Extremely important to making the supply chain proactive is demand analysis. The exact demand forecasting model is determined by the nature of the organization and the end goal for the products/materials being moved.
4. Inventory Management
You need to know the state and location of inventory from the moment of the title transfer until the inventory is no longer owned by the user. Visibility to inventory just in the warehouse is insufficient for gather a complete view of inventory. Inventory has to be managed in motion as well as at rest.
5. Routing Management
Routing Management should be proactive and is enabled by a single platform to manage all carriers, all shipments and all freight bills. Independent Routing Management allows a customer to consolidate and ship material with approved carriers and to tender, track and audit shipping invoices. When used in conjunction with use the work-flow management software, the user can gain better visibility and control of the supply chain.

As organizations strive to be more effective and efficient in managing their supply chains, the organizations who have reached a point in evolution where they are ready to incorporate analysis into the logistics process or are ready to take control of their supply chain, they will be striving to achieve a form of an Active Supply Chain.

Evidence indicates that an Active Supply Chain is the direction of forward-thinking businesses.

CloudLogix will be ready with the processes, functions and tools!

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