Data Daemon – Synchronization Products

Control Tower – Workflow & Order Management

Supply Chains tend to be driven by and rewarded for driving cost lower, not necessarily for improving the overall strategy of the company. For this reason, supply chain applications tend to be Isolated, cumbersome, obsolete.

What is needed is a cost effective way of achieving this result, without changing the processes that have made a company or a business unit effective.

Usually the answer to this problem dictates a massive overhaul of the company and installation of monolithic applications. Companies are no longer monolithic, however, and are composed of business units with separate practices and goals and best-of-breed vendors who provide their expertise to improve overall business performance.

We believe that the answer to these issues lay in Synchronization of supply chain data. Synchronization is fast and intelligent transfer of data from disparate systems to each other. CloudLogix has developed a rich set of SaaS and API products that utilize comprehensive synchronization techniques.

The synchronization engine of CloudLogix, called DataDaemon, correlates, retrieves and displays relevant transaction information from multiple data sources and uses a rich business rules engine to ensure data quality and integrity on each transaction and can either reject a single suspect transaction or an entire set of transactions based on the rules set up by the user.

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