Perimeter – Optimization and Demand Analytics

Perimeter - Optimization and Demand Analytics

Multi-Interval Sustainment Optimization Analysis Tool

Perimeter is an analytic engine and application that provides demand analysis. The exact demand forecasting model is determined by the nature of the organization and the end goal for the products/materials being moved. We support retail, manufacturing or MRO operations. Perimeter demand data is integrated with other CloudLogix tools to generate orders or dictate changes to orders or shipments in real time.

Welcome to the Perimeter Family of Analytical Models

  • POSSESS – long term demand analysis
  • PRESTO – a model for determining the best action in the supply chain today
  • PROCONSUL – route optimization and analysis
  • CHARLOTTE – an analysis model for determining the impact of external events on the supply chain.

Perimeter is brandable and customizable on a per user level. It synchronizes with other applications including external accounting, ERP and other enterprise systems. Perimeter is simple to setup and configure. Call us today for a demonstration.

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