LoadStar – Routing Management

LoadStar - Routing Management
LoadStar is a single transportation management platform to manage all carriers, all shipments and all freight bills.

LoadStar allows a customer to consolidate and ship materials with approved carriers and to tender, bid, track and audit shipping invoices.

For leaders in manufacturing, retailing, distribution and logistics, the supply chain is a source of value and competitive edge rather than just a cost to the income statement. In a world where you are only as good as your last shipment, the key to getting goods to market on time and in good condition is having transportation management processes that link partners, provide visibility and manage the shipment lifecycle. However many organizations suffer from difficulties like:

  • Enforcing the business rules around shipping (when should I expedite, what is the cheapest carrier, etc.)
  • Visibility challenges of routing and invoicing shipments.
  • The need to reduce the freight spend in their supply chain.
  • Lack of freight auditing and payment features.

LoadStar is a routing platform to manage and move shipments in accordance with your routing guides and business rules. LoadStar can manage any set of carriers, including small local carriers. With LoadStar, it will ensure that the product or components are in the right place at the right time, all in one application. And the job doesn’t end once the freight has been loaded. There are still invoices to be reconciled and bills to be paid. LoadStar can audit and pay freight invoices, and provide accurate transportation cost accruals and reporting capabilities.

LoadStar makes shipping easier!