Downstream – Inventory & Asset Management

Downstream - Inventory & Asset Management

Downstream is an Inventory Control and Warehouse Management system for managing inventory in the entire supply chain. The tool allows the flexibility to store material wherever needed, without giving up the feature rich functions of a location specific solution.

The Challenge:

  • How do you gain stock control for material that is stored globally?
  • How do you gain “actionable” control of inventory pools not under your direct management or in separate systems?
  • How can you economically create a global stock control tool for relatively small remote stocks?
  • How can you maintain configuration control of the assembled items that you have?

CloudLogix is providing the solution to your asset management issues. You need global control of complex distributed processes or complex assemblies. We have the answer with Downstream. We provide:

  • Web-based dashboard view of material & processes
  • Global messaging architecture integrating internal and external inventory systems to optimize and manage demand planning & supply operations
  • Full inventory management system for any site
  • A scalable, adaptable, on-demand web fulfillment system to manage inventory pools according to your business rules, anywhere in the world
  • Bill-of-Materials for any assembly either As-Designed, As Built, or As-Maintained… all the way to the individual serial numbers in any assembly

If this is your issue, our solution can give you global, real-time visibility to everything in your inventory. We believe that you should have full management capability of everything you own from the point you take ownership until the point you sell or transfer ownership. Give us a call and let us give you a live demonstration!