Introducing the product line of CloudLogix

  • PERIMETER – Business Intelligence and Business Processes
  • DATA DAEMON – Integration and Visibility
  • CONTROL TOWER – Order and Workflow Management
  • LOADSTAR – Consolidation, Routing Intelligence and Freight Reconciliation
  • DOWNSTREAM – Inventory / Asset Management and Configuration Control
Perimeter is a set of analytical tools that can be used to perform marginal analysis, time series analysis, cluster analysis, lane probability analysis and more.



Perimeter is used by companies to determine:

  • How can I have the right goods at the right place at the right time
  • What should I spend my money on to acheive the most “bang-for-the-buck”?
  • Where should I put my parts, supplies or goods?
  • Based on economics, past demand and other factors, how much will I sell next quarter? Next year?
  • What other products should I sell to this customer, based on other purchases or page views?
  • How much to do I need to spend to keep my machines or systems running to the level I need?
  • Can I use lane analysis to determine the best way to move freight?



DataDaemon is a synchronization engine to identify, adjudicate and exchange data with other systems and databases. CloudLogix solutions are all open to connectivity with other systems by incorporating the DataDaemon into the solution.


DataDaemon is used by companies to:

  • Synchronize data between multiple ERPs at different locations around the world
  • Provide a validated, real-time feed of data to CloudLogix tools
  • Convert from one data format to another and broadcast this data to multiple locations
  • Based on business rules, carefully adjudicate and review data that flows from one system to another


Control Tower is a work flow engine to enable management and visibility of milestone-based supply chain processes, such as order management and management of customers, vendors, shippers and suppliers. Control Tower uses social networking to allow users and customers to create, manage and coordinate milestones, orders, shipments and operations.

Control Tower is used by companies to:

  • Allow visibility and control of orders and materials from vendors and suppliers and enforces the business rules of an order or a process
  • Align milestones and freight in motion to achieve better “just in time” goods, supplies, tools or parts
  • Optimize the flow of production inventory from suppliers to dock
  • Manage the business rules of the manufacturing process, see and control the flow of orders and manage shipping costs


LoadStar is a routing platform to control your shipping and move shipments in accordance with your routing guide and business rules. LoadStar can manage any set of carriers, including small local carriers.


LoadStar is used by companies to:

  • Manage all carriers, all shipments and all freight bills
  • Consolidate and ship material with approved carriers and to tender, track and audit shipping invoices.
  • Implement and enforce an automated routing guide that will ensure the users always select the best route and price for a given shipment


Downstream is an inventory control tool to allow visibility and management of global stocks, while supporting internal control systems.


Downstream is used by companies to:

  • Allow visibility to freight/goods/parts in motion and at rest
  • show the state and location of inventory from the moment of the title transfer until the inventory is no longer owned by the user
  • Manage Bill of Materials
  • Worldwide Asset Management

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