A regional airline needed a better way of managing and delivering commissary items from their main distribution facility to more than 60 airport branches scattered across the United States.

  • Poor fill rates and lack of delivery performance by the airline’s main distribution center caused the branches to place frequent fax orders and constantly inflate order quantities
  • Receiving and acting on branch orders, and using this information to manage inventory levels in the DC was a time consuming and inaccurate process

Using Downstream, the airline branches can now see what inventory is available in real time, and use this information to create accurate replenishment orders, and using the team’s distribution solution, their orders are now on time. These improvements allowed the branches to abandon their old practice of ordering frequently, and over ordering, which allowed the airline corporate to lower inventory levels and related costs in their outsourced distribution center. By the end of the first year, with the help of CloudLogix, the airline was able to reduce their monthly rolling inventory by 50%, from $1.1 million to $550,000.00.