About Us

Our team came together when our Supply Chain Team met up with the Business Analytic Team and realized that each Team had solved the problems the other was working on. Add into that an extensive experience with web application development and CloudLogix was born.

CloudLogix has grown to be a leading-edge provider of Business Intelligence/Analytic tools and Supply Chain Management applications delivered as Software-as-a-service (SaaS). The tools work together to complete an informational loop in logistics processes; cycling validated logistics data to the intelligence/analytic tools and returning business decision data to the supply chain for execution by the suppliers and service providers.

CloudLogix builds tools that enable software companies, IT departments or supply chain organizations to incorporate Software-as-a-Service and advanced analytics into their products.The power of our company comes through our toolset’s ability to integrate to existing enterprise IT infrastructure and allow the system to efficiently adapt to the constant changes in the demand/supply chain.
Today, we provide solutions for thousands of users in 9 countries, and every month, we are growing.